Thank you for your interest in Slough Children’s Services Trust, an independent, not-for-profit organisation providing children’s social care services across Slough.

As one of only a few such Trusts set up to provide children’s social care services on behalf of the local authority, we have a very clear goal to protect children and young people from harm and improve the quality of care they receive. Our work is guided by four core principles:

  • Hearing the voice of the child in everything we do
  • Children thrive when supported by their families and communities
  • Building on the strengths of children and families promotes resilience and effects lasting change
  • Safeguarding is a shared responsibility, requiring partnership and collaboration across communities

We have used these core principles to underpin the development of our organisation and the fundamental values and behaviours that underpin excellent social work practice.

To do this, we have moved away from the traditional way of delivering social work to a new model underpinned by systemic principles, focused on working with and strengthening families and networks rather than working with children in isolation.

This is an exciting time for Slough Children’s Services Trust. We are encouraged by our recent Ofsted judgement which finally took us out of being ‘Inadequate’ after eight years. We know there is a long way to go but we are making excellent progress.

We believe having an independent organisation with a sole focus on improving and delivering children’s services has many benefits for the council and, most importantly, children, young people and families. This structure enables dedicated staff to work together on this shared priority, while allowing better risk management and offering value for money.

The Trust has laid a firm foundation for the future, having made fundamental changes which are delivering many positive outcomes. We are confident this is the right structure for continuing our journey of service improvement, and gives us the best opportunity to achieve our vision – that children in Slough will be safe, secure and successful.

We are extremely proud of what we have achieved but know there is more to be done. We hope that you will take the time to read the various documents and information on this site, which will help you to further understand where we have come from, what we have achieved, and what more there is to do to get us to the next stage.

Kind Regards
Robert Tapsfield, Chair and Lisa Humphreys, Chief Executive, of Slough Children’s Services Trust